PMI Maine Chapter

PMI Maine Chapter

Thank you for checking out the fourth in our series of informational articles designed to help you better understand the PMI-Maine Chapter Board positions that either are open now, or will be opening up come the end of the year. This time we’re focusing on the President-Elect. (The position is currently open.)

PMI Maine Chapter Role: President-Elect

Overview: The President-Elect is elected to be successor to the President. This elected volunteer assists the President with duties of managing the chapter and assumes the role of chapter President if the President is unable to perform their duties for any reason. At end of the President’s term, the President-Elect moves into the President role for one term. The President-Elect is one of the four Board positions that are required to be filled by our Chapter by-laws. (The President, Treasurer, and Secretary are the others.)

Primary Responsibilities Include (but not limited to):

  • Assists the President with management and operations duties of the Chapter as determined by President and President-Elect. Can include strategic planning, sponsorship outreach, and coordination and programming origination and implementation.
  • Represent the President in their absence.
  • Assumes the role of President either a) at end of President/President-Elect term, or b) if President is unable to perform their duties for any reason.

Skills & Interests that are helpful for the President-Elect to have include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Resource Management
  • Budget Management
  • Team Building
  • Decision Making

Estimated Average Monthly Volunteer Hours: 16-20 hours (dependent on time of year, Chapter initiatives, participation in committees, and any additional Chapter work).