PMI Maine Chapter

PMI Maine Chapter

New Board Member Seats

The Maine Chapter Board of Directors gathered for its monthly meeting on Tuesday December 14th, and the newly-elected Board members were in attendance. After some introductions and regular business, the seating process began. (Board members are not elected to a specific seat; they are elected to the Board in general, and are assigned a seat by the existing Board members.)

Each of the new members got to express a preference, if any, for an open board seat. After that, and some discussion by the existing Board members, the following seats were proposed and accepted:

Gbenga Adekoya: Director of Professional Development

Rhonda Brown: Director of Membership

Danielle Logsdon: Director at Large

David Reed: Director of Technology

You'll be seeing these reflected in our web site soon, once current terms end and these new folks fully assume their roles.

Please join the present members of the Board as we once again congratulate them, and thank them for their willingness to contribute!  We very much look forward to working alongside them to deliver outstanding value to our members over the coming year (and beyond).

Your PMI-Maine Chapter Board of Directors