PMI Maine Chapter

PMI Maine Chapter

Information about the Board positions open for the 2021 Election to this point has been spread across several communications, and it's been a lot to read. Let's break it all down for you:

Director of Technology (currently vacant): Learns the ins and outs of the chapter's web site and how to manage/make changes as needed. Also sets up Board email accounts. "Owns" the chapter Zoom account. An IT background doesn't hurt, but none of the systems we use require it. If the opportunity arises, make recommendations for any hardware that would assist with/improve chapter function.

Treasurer (term expires end of year): Maintains chapter finance records (following an established Excel spreadsheet). Reports on finances at monthly Board meetings and at the annual chapter meeting. Maintains bank accounts and oversees transactions, approves as needed, arranges for Officer signatures if needed.

Director of Programs (currently vacant): Manages the programming process for the chapter. Work with the Board on existing/recurring events, develop new & creative professional development offerings, engage speakers, and coordinating the Professional Development Series. Oversee chapter involvement with Authorized Training Partners, mini-certifications, and other industry-wide opportunities. Submits PDU's for chapter meetings/events to PMI Global.

Director of Membership (term expires end of year): Is there to support our chapter members! Learns the chapter web site components that pertain to our demographics, and is there to answer member (and non-member) inquiries about membership and its benefits. Reports during monthly Board meetings, works with Marketing/Social Media Director on having a finger on the pulse of membership. 

President-Elect (term expires end of year):  Essentially the Chief Operating Officer for the chapter. Learns the management of the chapter, working directly with the President. Gets familiar with the web site's components. Works with chapter sponsors, maintaining those relationships and seeking networking opportunities. After one year, assumes chapter Presidency for one year, then assumes Past-President role for one year.

For more info on the specifics of any of these Board seats, you can contact any one of us via our Board of Directors page.

We hope this lends some clarity. What we do is interesting, rewarding, and often fun. Aside from earning PDU's for your work and time, this Board is really a great bunch of people to work with!

Will you join us? You can nominate yourself (or someone you know) for this election up until October 18 at 5:00pm by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks for reading!

Your PMI-Maine Chapter Board