Welcome to the third in our series of informational articles designed to help you better understand the PMI-Maine Chapter Board positions that either are are currently open, or will be opening up come the end of the year.

This week we're talking about the Director of Professional Development. This is an important position, as it oversees the development and production of a lot of forward-facing events and content. The following information is taken from PMI-Global's documentation on Chapter Roles and Responsibilities:


Elected or appointed volunteer responsible for professional development, education, and chapter events in accordance with chapter policies and bylaws.

  • Responsible for establishing and managing chapter professional development programs, live and online


  • Define strategies for improvement in professional development/training programs
  • Develop and implement a chapter professional development plan, including a program roadmap for professional development content programs
  • Provide information to members and non-members on career development
  • Provide information and guidance to members and non-members on certification/re-certification in the context of PMI
  • Incorporate feedback, suggestions, and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and chapter regarding the contents and the logistics of programs
  • Work with other board members (such as directors of marketing, volunteers, and membership) in order to promote the education, certification, and training opportunities offered by the chapter, to get assistance with putting programs together, and having the pulse on chapter membership to know what kind of programming to deliver
  • Seek new project management professional development programs and services through networking with other educational organizations and PMI chapters
  • Oversee events, presentations, and training programs
  • Invite key influencers from industry to participate in chapter events
  • Advance the project management profession through the planning and coordination of special events, as identified by the chapter’s board
  • Develop and implement a succession and transition plan


  • Ability to Develop and Manage Program and Event Schedules
  • Content & Curriculum Development
  • Knowledge of PMI Credentials and PDUs
  • Program and Event Planning Skills


  • Ability to Delegate Effectively
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
  • Team Building Skills

Average Years of Project Management Experience: 18

Average Years of PMI Volunteer Experience: 7

As one might guess, this position does require somewhat more of a time commitment than some of the other Board positions, but it is highly rewarding, and perfect for those who enjoy organizing events! 

The full description of this Director's position is contained in the PMI-Global Roles and Responsbilities document, as well as descriptions of all the other Board positions; click in the download link below to take a look. 

We hope this helps to shed some light on this role. As always, you can email any Board member for help and information on this, or any of the other available positions (Directors of Membership, Programs, Technology, and Treasurer).

If you, or another chapter member you know, would be a good fit for any of the Board seats, you can nominate them by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.g

Thank you, as always!!

Your PMI-Maine Chapter Board