PMI Maine Chapter

PMI Maine Chapter

by Jennifer Tisdale, PMP

Modula, Inc. is an international company that builds automated picking and storage solutions.  Modula is the only VLM (vertical lift module) manufacturer in the U.S. Their software integrates with company systems, which allows recovery of up to 90% of available floor space and also increases picking accuracy, security, and workforce ergonomics. 

Modula welcomed 15 project managers (including myself) at their US headquarters in Lewiston, Maine on October 24. After a safety briefing, our group was led through the manufacturing process. They shared their automated manufacturing processes and equipment with us, which are quite similar to the innovative automated storage systems that Modula builds. In addition to the production tour, Modula walked our group through their journey to ISO 9000 certification, and presented us with a PDU event: "Managing the Work Intake Process."

Thank you, Modula, for hosting us at this great event!

below: on the produciton tour

Modula tour 2