President Commitment

1.     Direct chapter strategic goals

2.     Achieve chapter vision, mission and objectives as detailed by chapter board, PMI and chapter business plans

3.     Direct activities of other officers toward chapter goals and objectives

4.     Ensure chapter board works together as a team

5.     Represent chapter at public events

6.     Ensure strategic alliance, planning and annual reporting

7.     Be ultimately accountable for all board operations and chapter activities

8.     Act as liaison between chapter and PMI

9.     Ensure charter renewal is updated and chapter is in compliance as specified by PMI

10.  Preside over Board of Directors meetings and annual general membership meeting

11.  Ensure all chapter business is legal and ethical

12.  Assume responsibility for overall functioning of chapter

13.  Legally represent the organization (co-dependent with Treasurer)

14.  Ensure statutory and regulatory compliance in consultation with Treasurer

15.  With the board, ensure prudent disbursement of chapter funds

16.  Drive implementation of and ensure reflection PMI policies and guidelines in chapter processes

17.  Manage periodic policy audits

18.  Promote leadership development opportunities for board development

19.  Ensure policies are consistent and compliant with all applicable governmental jurisdiction and regulations (e.g., IRS, government compliance, PMI policy, Sarbanes Oxley – local laws and regulations)

20.  Ensure chapter and/or bylaws are upheld and enforced

21.  Identify gaps between PMI Global policies and chapter policies

22.  Ensure and oversee roles/function definitions

23.  Address any breeches brought up against a member or the chapter

24.  Assist in resolving chapter conflicts

25.  Raise awareness of and provide training on code of conduct/regulations/processes

26.  Be aware of the Ethics Review Process

27.  Ensure continued growth through proactive recruiting, retention, and member engagement

28.  Establish measurable goals and monitor success metrics for appropriate action

29.  Ensure compliance with PMI’s Social Media Guidelines and brand standards for chapters

30.  Elevate project management profession profile by disseminating PMI’s thought leadership and research to regional audience

President Elect Commitment

1.     Represent president in their absence

2.     Assume role of president year following successful completion of duties in this role

3.     Assume role of president if president is unable to perform duties

4.     Assist president in duties

5.     Oversee operations committee

6.     Serve as member ex-officio with right to vote on all committees except nominating committee

7.     Develop and implement succession and transition plan

8.     Ensure continued growth through proactive recruiting, retention and member engagement

9.     Act as COO of PMI Maine chapter

Secretary Commitment

1.     Assure safekeeping of all governing documents (approved bylaws, articles of incorporation, charter agreement, board policies, committee charters, and all other non-financial records for the chapter)

2.     Coordinate and distribute meeting agendas, keep records of all chapter and board business meetings

3.     Maintain all meeting minutes — must document in accordance with parliamentary procedures as determined by board

4.     Notice of all annual meetings shall be sent to all members at least 30 - 45 days in advance of the meeting. Action at such meetings shall be limited to those agenda items contained in notice of the meeting

5.     Upon request, provide records to members and outside organizations

6.     Provide all notifications to membership, directors, auditors, and members of committees

7.     Coordinate distribution of all general correspondence

8.     Provide support for membership communication

9.     Oversee coordination of printed materials (logo items, business cards, etc.)

10.  Develop and implement succession and transition plan

11.  Review and update bylaws and ensure alignment with PMI Chapter Charter

12.  Develop and maintain policy manual

13.  Develop and maintain information security/personal information policy

14.  Maintain membership records of the chapter

15.  Provide communication list/member updates to officers as requested

16.  Coordinate production and distribution of timely membership reports, such as monthly membership reports by demographics (city, state, age, industry, etc.)

17. Provide communication list/member updates to officers as requested

18.  Coordinate production and distribution of timely membership reports, such as monthly membership reports by demographics (city, state, age, industry, etc.)

Treasurer Commitment

1.     Maintain and manage accounts receivable and payable and all financial portfolios, including but not limited to collection of chapter dues from PMI, guest payments for chapter meetings or special events and payment of all chapter bills in accordance with chapter committee directives

2.     Establish and maintain all required chapter bank accounts and/or similar financial transactions; arrange for officer signatures as required

3.     Provide financial reporting regarding state of finances and chapter activity to chapter membership, board, and executive level volunteer leaders monthly (board meeting)

4.     Report on state of finances at board meetings and chapter meetings

5.     Develop annual operating budget and financial statement to be included in the annual application for charter renewal

6.     Ensure chapter reviewed and reported required tax filings

7.     Recommend improvements in financial processes to board

8.     Establish, maintain, and ensure compliance with all financial operational processes to ensure continuity of chapter operations and define, document, and maintain chapter policies including financial reserve policies, investment policies, and record retention and destruction

9.     Maintain policies established by board of directors

10.  Maintain annual budget

11.  Contribute to chapter financial planning/goal setting, investing, forecasting, and budgeting

12.  Distribute/communicate financial section of annual report to chapter membership

13.  Assist in the preparation of annual financial statements and reports

14.  Provide timely information to independent auditors as required

15.  Keep an up-to-date inventory of all chapter goods

16.  Handle all PMI and government required payments

17.  Ensure maintenance and storage of all historic financial documents in accordance with chapter board policies regarding Record Retention and Destruction policies

18.  Establish financial metrics; ensure chapter is maintaining requirements

19.  Serve as liaison with PMI Global on financial matters

20.  Prepare financial guidelines and procedures for chapter along with board

21.  Analyze cost impact and income benefit of all activities proposed by board of directors

22.  Review any chapter contract, agreement, and insurance

23.  Distribute information, materials and/or fees received from PMI Global to appropriate officers in a timely manner

24.  Confirm and check bank accounts monthly

25.  Develop and implement succession and transition plan

26.  Must be vigilant to phishing and fraud

Professional Development Director Commitment

1.     Define strategies for improvement in professional development/training programs

2.    Develop and implement chapter professional development plan for following year by June of current year, including program roadmap for professional development content programs

3.     Develop plans for and coordinate chapter’s external educational activities, such as study groups, seminars, workshops, courses, professional development days and other educational activities

4.     Manage chapter-created credential examination review courses and other such courses

5.     Provide career development information to members and non-members

6.     Provide information and guidance to members and non on PMI certification/re-certification

7.     Incorporate feedback, suggestions, and recommendations as necessary to enhance programs content effectiveness and value delivered to audience and chapter

8.     Work with marketing to promote chapter education, certification, and training opportunities

9.     Recommend, develop, and deliver project management education materials, courses, presentations, and sessions including leadership development training programs

10.  Seek new project management professional development programs and services through networking with other educational organizations and PMI chapters

11.  Plan and coordinate special events, designed to enhance and expand the skills and knowledge of project managers, to promote project management profession

12.  Incorporate events/programs feedback, suggestions, and recommendations to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to the audience and chapter

13.  Oversee events, presentations, and training programs

14.  Invite key influencers from industry to participate in chapter events

15.  Advance project management profession through the planning and coordination of special events

16.  Develop and implement succession and transition plan

Technology Director Commitment

1.     Acquisition of Technology

·       Participate in request for proposal (RFP) and contract negotiations (not sole negotiator)

·       Research new technologies and/or features to improve chapter efficiencies and membership experience and report on feasibility of proposed technology initiatives

·       Collaborate with chapter leadership to propose initiatives

·       Gather business requirements

·       Oversee any initiatives for current or proposed technologies

·       Lead implementation planning

·       Oversee training

·       Advise chapter regarding online opportunities and threats

·       Stay abreast of and advise chapter how to leverage social media trends and technology

·       Learn about tools and applications that can enhance and/or automate social media activities

2.     Support/Maintenance of Technology

·      Manage all chapter technology initiatives, ensuring user experience is appropriate to user level

·       Provide administrative support for chapter technologies

·       Provide vendor management of technology

·       Be familiar with all aspects of operational technologies in place and be able to provide backup administrative support in addition to timely liaison with vendors

·       Ensure chapter’s owned, rented, or leased equipment is in good working order and tracked

·       Review technology functionality, monthly and provide monthly status updates to chapter leaders

·       Communicate service level agreements (SLAs) for issue/request intake process

·       Manage, recruit and onboard internal and external technology team members and ensure technology team is providing timely responses to support requests

·       Coordinate and collaborate with other chapter board members and volunteers where needed

3.     Data Analytics

·       Per PMI current and future membership and data protection policies:

o   Provide general data support including, but not limited to, gathering and providing data

o   Create awareness of available data and the value of it

·       Provide various analytic reports to chapter leaders including:

o   Referral source

o   Email conversion and A/B testing

o   Web analytics

o   System reports: operational defects in IT systems

4.     Governance

·       Maintain data and transaction services and processes

·       Maintain inventory of technologies in place, including administrative access information

·       Ensure compliance with all acquired software/subscription licenses

·       Ensure backups and ensure proper archiving occurs within infrastructure

·       Manage internet site security/system monitoring

·       Maintain chapter systems access rights process and methods

·       Assess risk in IT systems

·       Maintain IT security policies

5.     Long Range and Annual Planning

·       Successfully plan, track, and deliver all chapter beneficial IT-related services

·       Work with other technology team members, chapter board members and volunteers to identify opportunities to improve chapter technology and infrastructure

·       Provide submission requests for budget and schedule estimates

·       Provide recommendations for system upgrades

·       Assist in defining business capabilities

·       Identify upcoming technology needs based on chapter plans/activities

·       Identify road maps focused on sequencing and dependencies

·       Keep current on technologies being adapted by PMI or other PMI chapters

Volunteers Director Commitment

1.     Recruitment and/or retention of volunteers

2.     Conduct general volunteer orientation for all new volunteers including overview of volunteer structure, volunteer roles, responsibilities, and deliverables

3.     Understand and leverage experience of volunteers and direct them to various chapter initiatives

4.     Identify and develop programs to involve, develop and engage volunteer members

5.     Oversee, administer, and build awareness of chapter (and PMI’s) volunteer policies, procedures and guidelines

6.     Develop volunteers to serve in their volunteer roles

7.     Develop and administer volunteer recognition programs

8.     Oversee and manage the chapter’s volunteer programs and services

9.     Provide PMI volunteer awareness at local and global levels

10.  Develop and implement succession and transition plan

11.  Develop and implement Community Outreach Plan including commercial, not-for-profit and other professional associations

12.  Work closely with volunteers responsible for chapter online presence to present cohesive digital identity in alignment with PMI’s global brand standards

14.  Provide onboarding support for new volunteers

Director of University Academic Outreach

1.  Work with board of directors and chapter partner to develop overall strategy and objectives for academic outreach supporting objectives of chapter and PMI Global

2.  Develop and implement innovative programs to support academic outreach strategy

3.  Develop metrics to measure success of academic outreach programs

4.  Develop strategies and programs to support establishment of “partnerships” for mutual benefit with academic institutions that promote the chapter and project management profession

5.  Evaluate and maintain academic outreach partnerships

6.  Maintain a record of local academic contacts

7.  Manage and maintain academic outreach budget

8.  Utilize PMI academic outreach resources to support designated outreach activities (found on the Marketing Portal)

9.  Report monthly progress to board of directors and for annual chapter business planning with chapter partner

10.  Incorporate feedback, suggestions, and recommendations as necessary to enhance effectiveness and value delivered to audience and chapter as related to academic outreach resources and services

11.  Act as primary lead for developing academic outreach activities which may include oversight of academic outreach committee volunteers

12.  Responsible for making local academic institutions aware of PMI and the benefits of chapter support, and PMI products/programs/initiatives relevant to an academic audience

13.  Responsible for identifying and developing programs to involve, develop, engage and manage academic stakeholders

14.  Gather lessons learned and develop procedures to ensure consistent messaging across outreach activities

15.  Create academic outreach articles for chapter newsletter that provide communications on outreach activities

16.  Raise awareness and deliver member value through promotion/advocacy of chapter social good programs and PMIEF no-cost resources (learning resources, templates, academic scholarships, awards, careers in PM, PMIEF newsletter, etc.) that support engagement in local community

17. Monitor activities of academic outreach volunteers assigned to manage the program

18. Provide input to PMI’s academic outreach staff that will contribute to development of academic outreach resources and services for chapter use (found on the Marketing Portal)

19. Provide onboarding support for new volunteers

PMI Educational Foundation/PMI Chapter Liaison

1.     Serving the Chapter

·       Design and promote social good events, including those that serve community needs and are requested by chapter board members (e.g., VP of Outreach, VP of Professional Development, or VP of Events)

·       Raise awareness and deliver member value through promotion/advocacy of chapter social good programs and PMIEF no-cost resources (learning resources, templates, academic scholarships, awards, careers in PM, PMIEF newsletter, etc.) that support engagement in local community

·       Engage fellow volunteers through social good programs and opportunities for developing their skills and participating in the community

·       Network with communities that can benefit from social good programs and free resources provided by PMIEF (e.g. schools, nonprofits, other organizations, etc.)

·       As invited, participate in chapter annual planning and propose a yearly business plan specific to PMIEF

·       Provide chapter board members with regular updates on social good programs being carried out locally

·       Be familiar with all content related to role as published on

2.     Communicating and Increasing Awareness

·       Promote social good initiatives organized by the chapter through different channels (press, social media, etc.) to increase visibility among members and local community and provide reports on their impact

·       Collaborate with and communicate regularly with PMIEF Community Engagement Committee members on a variety of chapter social good programs and planning

·       Inform PMIEF staff administrator periodically regarding chapter social good programs that are being carried out and initiatives suggested/proposed by your chapter

3.     Staying Informed

·       Become knowledgeable about PMIEF programs, products, resources and partnership opportunities

·       Attend PMIEF virtual trainings, webinars and monthly teleconferences

·       Subscribe to and remain up-to-date with two PMIEF monthly e-newsletters: PM For Social Good® and PMIEF/PMI Chapter Liaison

·       Participate in virtual events, webinars, and dedicated trainings that further increase awareness, exposure and insights regarding the PMIEF

·       Participate in global liaison community in development of and sharing of best practices

Marketing Director Commitment

1.     Develop and implement integrated marketing and public relations program aligned with chapter’s strategic objectives

2.     Create and execute annual marketing and public relations plan with detailed activity calendar including email, social media, advertising, events, press releases, web updates, etc.

3.     Use best practices in marketing and public relations to promote chapter and activities to members and community at large

4.     Develop all communication vehicles including, but not limited to emails, web content, press releases, social media posts, promotional materials, advertising, etc.

5.     Gain access to PMI’s Marketing Portal and use PMI-provided marketing/PR resources

6.     Work with local vendors to develop marketing materials in accordance with PMI brand guidelines if suitable materials are not available in Marketing Portal

7.     Plan and purchase print and digital advertising

8.     Monitor, optimize and analyze all marketing and public relations activities

9.     Create and distribute public relations communications to local media outlets (e.g., local newspapers, radio stations and television) and manage local media inquiries

10.  Collaborate with local businesses and academic institutions, where appropriate, to publicize chapter and PMI

11.  Monitor and coordinate branded presentations to external stakeholders and other organizations interested in the activities of PMI

12.  Maintain relationships with existing sponsors for continued revenue generation to fund chapter’s activities

13.  Coordinate and organize presentations to potential chapter, event and other sponsors

14.  Develop and implement succession and transition plan

15.  Review and analyze member satisfaction survey data and enhance membership benefits

16.  Develop and administer lapsed (non-renewal) member survey

17.  Analyze and integrate survey feedback for inclusion in strategic/operational planning

18.  Develop and implement membership welcome and support plan including promotion of PMI and chapter membership value

19.  Communicate member value through various delivery methods in alignment with Membership Benefits Package

20.  Utilize membership marketing materials available through PMI Marketing Portal

21.  Develop and implement rewards and recognition program plan to recognize member milestones (such as anniversaries or awards)

22.  Disseminate information to and from chapter in timely manner

23.  Maintain communications schedule detailing all chapter communications across all channels

24.  Supervise and support all chapter communication channel activities

25.  Perform and uphold duties, as specified by chapter bylaws, board policies and procedures

26.  Work with Marketing Director/VP to ensure chapters brand is understood and leveraged in communication plans

27.  Lead development, production and release of all chapter newsletters and communications

28.  Collaborate with website/technology officer to provide website content and provide input into website design

29.  Consult and collaborate with all board members to coordinate chapter communication needs

30.  Manage chapter’s approved communications budget, in cooperation with Treasurer

31.  Coordinate and distribute chapter event information to membership in a timely manner

32.  Submit information to PMI’s communications department regarding chapter activities for possible publication in PMI Today (PMI’s monthly membership newsletter) when deemed appropriate

33.  Develop and maintain chapter social media strategy and social media policy

34.  Guide committees on most effective methods of using chapter social media presence

35.  Stay abreast of and advise chapter how to leverage social media trends and technology

36.  Content creation as necessary, including posts, tweets, pins, pictures, infographics, videos, multimedia

37.  Reach out to online communities to build chapter brand awareness

38.  Elevate project management profession profile by disseminating PMI’s thought leadership and research to regional audience

39.  Disseminate information to and from chapter in timely manner

40.  Define and regularly update chapter communication strategy, policies, goals, and objectives

41.  Maintain communications schedule detailing all chapter communications across all channels

42.  Supervise and support all chapter communication channel activities

43.  Perform and uphold duties, as specified by chapter bylaws, board policies and procedures

44.  Curate content, finding and sharing information of interest to the chapter’s audience while respecting copyright laws

45.  Respond to social media comments, concerns, and complaints in a professional manner

46.  Advise on best way to integrate social media in the chapter’s website, marketing campaigns and content publishing

47.  Create and manage monthly social media campaigns tailored to specific chapter needs

48.  Monitor and post on chapter’s behalf to other people’s blogs, social sites and so forth to develop new relationships

Past President Commitment

1.     Assist board of directors with strategic policies

2.     Proactively support and promote work within board

3.     Assume role of mentor for president

4.     Assist president in liaison with PMI when required

5.     Assume position of chair for nominating committee

6.     Lead and direct elections process

7.     Provide ethics enforcement and guidance at board of directors’ level

8.     Support conflict resolution

9.     Outreach with past presidents

10.  Develop and implement succession and transition plan

11.   In absense of President or President-Elect, step in as President