PMI Maine Chapter

Chapter Member Locations and Growth

Member Locations -

There is an effort to understand our membership a bit better, Mike Chaplin – one of our members, volunteered to create this membership heat map for us. PMI provided a list of zip codes where our members live (no identifying information).  Mike created this map to show how many members are located in each county.  Your Board of Directors will use this to help make decisions about where we hold events, efforts to increase membership in targeted areas, etc.  Click here for map! Membership Heat Map

Chapter Growth

In the last three years the Maine Chapter and PMI HDQTS has instituted many programs to increase interest in PMI and make participation easier and more fulfilling. The results have been dramatic. By the end of the third quarter of 2016, the Maine PMI Chapter experienced a 20 percent (51 person) growth in membership, expanding from 252 to 303 members in just nine months.

The Maine Chapter is in PMI’s Region 3, which includes over 24,000 members spread across 18 chapters in the New England states, Illinois, Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritime Provinces. The Maine Chapter’s retention rate (the percent of members that renew their membership) has increased from 43.2% to 71.2% today’s rate. This is one of the highest in the region.  Barb Truitt, our chapter president just participated in a panel of three at the recent R3 Summit in Boston to discuss membership retention. We have worked hard to bring value to our members and it looks like our changes are working.

PMI HDQTs did their share by increasing the amount and quality of their marketing, made their web page into a gold mine of information.

Today’s membership is 3708 with a goal of 400 by the end of the year - so the challenge continues!

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